Online Porcelain Doll Classes Starting!!!

Good evening to all! It’s been awhile since I stopped by the website to give you an update of what’s new around Land of Oz Dolls. There are some exciting things happening here! First news is I am beginning online porcelain doll classes through a group on Facebook. I will be doing some free demonstrations along with doing classes online for both modern and antique reproduction doll makers. By joining the group if you are a Facebook user, it will keep you informed of the upcoming classes and free demos. Joining the group does not commit you to paid classes, it just lets you know what will be available and when. If you are not a Facebook member and you are interested in online classes please contact me at I am trying to set up a way to also do classes for non Facebook users. The group is called Land of Oz Dolls – Connie Zink. Here is a link to the Facebook Group: 
I also have some of my most popular doll making supplies back in stock! My three CD Workbook set is back and on sale! These include one on painting a Jumeau, a Bru, and Modern Eye Painting. These CD’s have been available before so if you already have some from me they are the same just back in stock again! The CD Workbooks are step by step full color instructions and photos that guide you through the steps for the complete doll. This year I am hoping to complete a new CD on the AT11, one of my favorite antique reproduction dolls. Here is a link to the CD’s: Just scroll to the bottom of the page of the individual CD’s and the set on sale will be at the bottom of the page.
CD Workbook Set by Connie Zink

CD Workbook Set by Connie Zink

My French and German Paint Collections (8 china paints) will also be back in stock by the end of the first full week in February. I will also be adding in February an In-Depth Modern Doll Eye Painting Kit for Blue and Brown Eyes (11 china paints). Here is a link to the china paint kits:
French Collection China Paint Kit

French Collection China Paint Kit

China Painting Mediums are now back in stock now for the first time in several years! Here is a link to the painting mediums:  
China Painting Mediums

China Painting Mediums

Also now available for the first time in several years!!! I will be carrying the Seeley Doll Brushes! Always a favorite for doll makers these brushes are now available for purchase from me and can be added in with your other doll making supplies to save on shipping. There are no shopping cart buttons for the brushes. Currently there is only a price list. You will need to email me the brushes you would like to purchase and I can add them in to any existing orders or you may purchase brushes alone. Eventually I will be able to add photos of the brushes to the page here on the website. Here is a link to the brush price list:
It has been a pleasure to share with all of you tonight some of the things going on at Land of O Dolls. Please let me know if you are interested in online doll classes it will be a fun and educational learning experience and a way to meet new doll making friends! Email me at for further info. Have a great evening! Until next time!

Dolly Hugs,

Connie Zink

New Workshop at Land of Oz Dolls With Lorna Yates

Lorna Yates and Connie Zink

Lorna Yates and Connie Zink

Land of Oz Dolls is very proud to present our first workshop of the year 2017 with Lorna Yates of “Lorna’s Loveable Dolls”! “Little Googlie’s Tub Time” workshop will be held on Saturday and Sunday, April 29th and 30th!

Lorna's Little Googlie's Tub Time

Lorna’s “Little Googlie’s Tub Time”

Register now! This limited edition workshop with Lorna will fill up fast! This “Little Googlie” will be painted and completed with mohair wig ready for you to dress in her bedtime attire. You will also assemble and decorate the bathroom box. Limited edition kit includes the completed doll with painted eyes and mohair wig, costume kit with cotton laces and silk ribbons, and also supplies to complete the box.

Join Lorna and I here at Land of Oz Dolls for a great weekend of dolly fun and take home your completed project. Special kit price for workshop is $175.00. For those too far away to attend Lorna will also have kits available for purchase that you may put together at home. Those kits will include the bathroom box and all supplies along with the mohair wig and the soft-fired greenware pieces for the little Googlie that you can paint and assemble yourself. The cost for the kit to do at home is $115.00 plus shipping.

Contact Connie at 815-565-0024 or email to reserve your spot now! For overnight accommodations, Connie can also let you know on the availability of Roberts’ Roost Country Guest House along with other local overnight establishments. Lorna and I hope to see you in April!

Dolly Hugs,

Connie Zink

Girl’s Dress Shoes For Bleuette Back In Stock!!!!

#733 Girl Dress Shoes

#733 Girl Dress Shoes

Good evening to all! I hope you are having a great summer! The heat of summer is upon us and it is time for me to put aside some of my gardening chores and head back into my doll studio for some much needed dolly-making fun! For all of you Bleuette “lovers”, I am very pleased to announce that the 38mm, #733 Girl’s Dress Shoes for Bleuette are now back in stock. These darling vinyl, little strap shoes with buckles, come in your choice of eight colors. The 38mm size fits the wooden Bleuette body. Colors available are white, black, light pink, light blue, purple, red, yellow, and light green, Cost is $7.00 per pair, no limits to how many you can order while stock is available. I have always had many requests for these beautiful little vinyl shoes and they have been out of stock for many months now, so now is the time to restock some of these great colors you have been waiting for. Please follow this link to the page here on my website where you can place your order: Until next time, Dolly Hugs, Connie Zink

Complete Selection of Monique Doll Supplies Available at Discounted Prices From Land of Oz Dolls!

Human Hair Helen Wig By Monique Trading

Human Hair Helen Wig By Monique Trading (Shown on a Bru Jne R Painted by Connie Zink)

Good day to all of you! I wanted to let you all know about some new discounts I have on Monique Trading products. I have been a Monique distributor for so many years now I have lost count, but way over 30 years now. They now have a price list with some photos in it to help with your selections. They have some beautiful human hair wigs, along with synthetic mohair wigs and the largest selection of mod-acrylic wigs on the market, shoes, socks, doll stands, and many other accessories. Orders placed through Land of Oz Dolls will be drop-shipped directly to you from Monique Trading Co. Orders must be placed through Land of Oz Dolls by either email or phone 815-565-0024. You can not order directly through Monique and receive the discounts below. Their will not be any shopping cart buttons available on these items here on my website.

$0.00 to $49.00 = 10% off Retail Prices

$50.00 to $99.00 = 20% off Retail Prices

$100.00 to $299.00 = 30% off Retail Prices

Over $300.00 = 35% off Retail Prices.

Please Click on this Link to view the 83 page Monique Catalog and Price List”! 

Please let me know if you have any questions or need help with your order. Have a great day!

Connie Zink



Land of Oz Dolls To Participate In “All River Road Talent” Art Drive February 6th and 7th, 2016

Land of Oz Dolls will be participating in the “All River Road Talent” Art Drive Saturday, February 6th and Sunday, February 7th. Hours will be 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Saturday and 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM on Sunday. If you are in the area please stop by and see the beautiful doll room displays of antique reproduction and modern dolls that are for sale. I have a collection of modern artist dolls that I am selling for a friend who has moved into a smaller place and does not have room for them anymore so some great bargains are available. Mail orders will also be available for dolls and supplies.

Happy Valentines Day Bru 13 by Connie Zink

Happy Valentines Day Bru 13 by Connie Zink

I have been busy working on some new dolls for the Art Drive. Here I am preparing a large Bru head for its bisque firing in the kiln.

Preparing the Heads for Bisque Firing

Preparing the Heads for Bisque Firing

I have also begun the china painting process on some heads.

First China Paintings On Some Heads

“Photography by Connie Zink” will also be open for the February “All River Road Talent” Art Drive. Many of my award winning photos of the Savanna-Sabula Bridge, nature photos and “Old Barn” landscape prints, both framed and unframed will be available for purchase. Drop by and check out the selection for Valentine’s Day gifts.

Savanna Sabula Bridge Photos Open House 1website

Here is a list of participating artists in the February “All River Road Talent” Art Drive:

February Participants in the All River Road Talent Art Drive "ARRT"

February Participants in the All River Road Talent Art Drive “ARRT”

Clearance Sale In My eBay Store!

Good afternoon all, I wanted to let you all know about some special sales I am having in my eBay Store. I will be discontinuing selling doll supplies in my eBay store, so I started many three day auctions this morning on 12″, 16″ and 8″ French Fashion Doll supplies and other items. When these are gone I will no longer be stocking these items. Please keep checking my eBay store periodically for new clearance items that will be added. I need to make room here in the shop so time to start clearing out the excess stock I have. In the future, I will be concentrating on my finished doll, soft-fired greenware and bisque orders. Here is a link to my store: 

I also have an auction ending in a few hours on this adorable 8″ K&R 114. I only have one of these so if you are interested please bid now!

8" K&R 114 by Connie Zink

8″ K&R 114 by Connie Zink

8" K&R 114 by Connie Zink

8″ K&R 114 by Connie Zink

Here is a link to the actual auction: . There is a little over three hours left on this auction.

Have a great day and watch for more specials from Land of Oz Dolls. It is Spring Cleaning Time!!!!

Dolly Hugs, Connie Zink


Last Chance to Order NYDP Composition Bodies, Molds, Porcelain Slip and China Paints at the 10% Discount!!!!

November 22nd 2013 FF Dolls 011

The final days have arrived for the 10% discount sale on New York Doll Products (Seeley’s) Composition Bodies, Molds, Porcelain Slip, and China Paints. Sale prices are only good on orders placed through Land of Oz Dolls. Sale ends at midnight, Friday, February 6th. Inquiries and orders must be sent to by midnight, Friday night. My distributorship ends on Sunday, February 8th, so I will be removing the NYDP porcelain slip and composition body pages from my website this weekend.

I am also a distributor for The Bell Collection and Collectible Doll Co., so will be concentrating on these companies and will be happy to continue to serve my customers with Bell and Collectible doll products, such as porcelain slip, doll molds, doll bodies, china paints, brushes, etc. I will also be adding pages to my website for composition bodies made from Compo-Bell we will be manufacturing ourselves. Bodies may also be ordered in porcelain, in both SFGW and bisque. We have many, many sizes of antique reproduction body molds in French, German, Baby, Toddler, and Lady styles that will be available in both painted and unpainted pieces poured in Compo-Bell. Body parts may be purchased unstrung and you can string yourself.

Ordering the parts and stringing them yourself will reduce shipping prices as the boxes used to ship can be smaller, which in turn will reduce shipping costs. Most shipping companies have now gone to dimensional rates instead of rates determined by weight for packages that don’t weigh a lot.

Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with or if you have any questions. Please contact me at or phone 815-565-0024. Thanks!

Dolly Hugs,

Connie Zink

News From Land of Oz Dolls!!!

Hi all, I need to clarify, some have misunderstood my post of a few hours ago. New York Doll Products is not closing Feb. 8th, 2015. That is when my distributorship ends and I will no longer be carrying their products. They will however be availible direct from the company. I am truly sorry for any misunderstandings. Thanks Connie Zink

News on NYDP Composition Doll Bodies, Porcelain Slip. and China Paints!!!

I am very sorry to post the following announcement but as of February 8th, 2015 I will no longer be offering for sale composition bodies, porcelain slip, and china paints from NYDP. I am currently offering my last 10% off sale on these items starting today through February 6th. After this time they will be removed from my website. Please read the following notice:

Composition Bodies: Manufactured by New York Doll Products

January 8th, 2015:

I am very sorry to announce that I learned today, that as of February 8th 2015, I will no longer be a distributor for New York Doll Products. All U.S. Distributorships will be cancelled at that time. After being a distributor for Seeley’s and then NYDP for over 25 years I am sorry to have to make the announcement that I will no longer be able to provide my customers with NYDP composition bodies, porcelain slip, doll molds, and china paints due to the loss of my distributorship. I will remove the pages from my website for their bodies and porcelain slip as of February 9th, 2015.

Starting today, January 8th I will be placing my last orders for composition bodies, porcelain, doll molds, and china paints. I am offering 10% off all composition bodies, porcelain orders, doll molds, and china paints from now until February 5th. I will place my last order on Friday, February 6th just before my distributorship ends. 

Please do not order through the shopping cart buttons the 10% discount will not apply. Please email me at or phone me at 815-565-0024 and we can figure out the cost of your order and shipping and I can send you a Paypal invoice or you may pay by credit card.

Please let me know as soon as possible if there is anything I can get for you in the next month. Thanks for your patronage, Connie Zink

8' and 12" French Fashions by Connie Zink Dolls For Sale