Articles for the Month of August 2014

“Photo of the Day” British Gentlemen

My “Photos of the Day” for August 31st, 2014 is of a pair of British Gentlemen I made several years ago as samples for a costuming seminar we had here at Land of Oz Dolls. The “Gentleman” in red is a Jullien reproduced from a Byron mold. The costume was made by Pam Willits and the seminar was taught by Pam. The “Gentlemen” in brown is a Steiner and was made from a Doll House Mold Co. mold, I made this costume in Pam’s seminar. The fabric for both of these costumes came from a wonderful antique store just 10 miles from me called “Ideas and Designs” in Mt. Carroll, Il. When I have seminars and retreats, a trip to “Ideas and Designs” is always on the agenda.They both stand approximately 25″ tall on the FB18S composition body. I hope you enjoy seeing this pair of “British Gentlemen”! Dolly Hugs, Connie Zink

British Gentlemen Jullien and Steiner

British Gentlemen Jullien and Steiner


British Gentlemen Jullien and Steiner

British Gentlemen Jullien and Steiner


British Gentleman Steiner

British Gentleman Steiner


British Gentleman Jullien

British Gentleman Jullien

New “Photo of the Day” at Land of Oz Dolls!

Good morning all, and Happy Labor Day Weekend! For the last few months I have been doing a “Photo of the Day” on my Land of Oz Dolls Facebook page. It has been so popular, I have decided to try it out on my website for all of you who do not have access to Facebook. These photos are of dolls I have made in the past and are probably no longer available for sale. If you see one you are really interested in it wouldn’t hurt to ask, it may still be available. Otherwise the photos are for fun and to give you a daily dose of dolly hugs! Please let me know if you like them!

My first “Photo of the Day” is actually a black and white photo of some patriotic Bleuettes. The one on the left is a Bleuette “Friend” made from the 1907 Jumeau mold from Collectible Doll Co. The two in the center are Bleuette “Golds” SFBJ 60 made from a Seeley mold. The one on the right is a Premiere Jumeau Bleuette also made from a Seeley mold. They are all dressed in patriotic costumes created by Clara Pelfrey.

Patriotic Bleuettes

Patriotic Bleuettes

I hope you will enjoy your daily dose of dolly love,

Dolly Hugs, Connie Zink

New Dolls Available!!!

Good evening all, I have just added four new dolls to the “Dolls For Sale” page here on my website at . I have a 21″ AT 11 undressed, two 20″ Mlle. Florence FG French Fashions, undressed and an undressed “Bruette” Bru 9 Bleuette “Friend”. For those of you that are sewers, I am sure you will enjoy making wardrobes for any of the beautiful new Bebe’s. Here are some photos of the new dolls available this evening. I will also be listing three 15″ Frenchettes”. I have an “A” Series Steiner, a “C” Series Steiner and a Bru that will all be available as either a dressed doll or undressed doll. I hope to have them made available next week. Have a great upcoming weekend! Dolly Hugs, Connie Zink

20" Mlle Florence 2

20″ Mlle Florence 2


20"Mlle. Florence 2

20″Mlle. Florence 2


20" Mlle. Florence 1 and 2

20″ Mlle. Florence 1 and 2


20" Mlle. Florence By Connie Zink

20″ Mlle. Florence 1 By Connie Zink


20"Mlle. Florence By Connie Zink

20″Mlle. Florence By Connie Zink

AT 11 By Connie Zink - Land of Oz Dolls

AT 11 By Connie Zink – Land of Oz Dolls


AT 11 By Connie Zink - Land of Oz Dolls

AT 11 By Connie Zink – Land of Oz Dolls


"Bruette" Bleuette "Friend"

“Bruette” Bleuette “Friend”

"Bruette" Bleuette "Friend

“Bruette” Bleuette “Friend

Announcing “Fall” Open House at Land of Oz Dolls – September 5th and 6th, 2014

Visit the "Fall" Open House at Land of Oz Dolls

Visit the “Fall” Open House at Land of Oz Dolls

Land of Oz Dolls will hold their annual “Fall” Open House on Friday, September 5th and Saturday, September 6th, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm each day. View the fabulous doll displays and take a stroll through the “Gardens of Oz”. Special discounts on selected items will apply and refreshments will be available. Discounts will also apply to mail order sales for people out of the area, who are unable to attend the two days of the Open House.

Special sales that will apply to both those attending the open house and mail orders are as follows:

10% off NYDP Composition Bodies In-Stock and Special Orders Placed During Open House

20% off all In-Stock Greenware and Soft-fired Greenware

40% off all In-Stock Synthetic Doll Wigs From Monique Trading

10% off all In-Stock Mohair and Human Hair Wigs (Bravot wigs not included)

20% off all In-Stock China Paints and Mediums

20% off all Metal and Wooden Base Doll Stands

20% off all In-Stock Doll Patterns

Other selected items too numerous to mention will also be on special for those attending!!

 Land of Oz Dolls

Land of Oz Dolls

If you are planning on attending the open house that weekend and have some extra time, it will also coincide with weekend events at Picket Fence in Lanark and Prairie Path Sampler in Mt. Carroll. You won’t want to miss these two great shops. If you want to spend the night in the area to enjoy some of the other attractions, please contact me on the availability of a room at Roberts’ Roost Country Guest House. 

I hope to see you September 5th or 6th! Have a great summer! Dolly Hugs, Connie Zink