Greenware & Bisque Catalog

I am in the process of creating a new soft-fired greenware and bisque catalog. I still have hundreds of dolls to list in the catalog. If you are looking for any particular dolls, please email me about availability, or phone 815-565-0024.

We have hundreds and hundreds of antique reproduction and modern doll molds that we have been able to replace since the fire that have not been added to the current catalog yet..  We are still rebuilding our stock and adding molds monthly. It’s a very slow process, so please bear with us. We will post sections of the new catalog as they are completed.

Here is a section of the Byron, BEC, and Seeley molds (mostly antique reproduction) that have been inventoried to this date. I have given you two ways to view the catalog. The sorted by company has all the molds from one company by number order. The one sorted by maker will list all the Brus, Jumeaus, etc together sorted by the company that produced the dolls. Thank you for your patience while we are rebuilding this catalog.

Soft-Fired Greenware and Bisque Catalog (Sorted by Company)

Soft-Fired Greenware and Bisque Catalog (Sorted by Maker)