14 comments on “Contact Us

  1. jaypot

    looks like I’m the first international person to take a look at the new website/blog. Looks pretty and easy to tour round. Would still like Facebook though. J

    1. ConnieZink

      Thanks Jay, don’t worry I am not giving up Facebook. Just for this “Giveaway” will I be using the subscriber list only. Great to see you here. Thanks Connie

  2. Ann Harris

    Your new site is beautiful. You should be so proud of yourself! Congratulations.
    Have a great vacation.

    1. ConnieZink

      Thanks so much Ann, I will be sharing some of my landscape photos when we get back from vacation in my Nature Photography album. Have agreat week! Connie

  3. Hope Wright

    Do you have an Emma Clear Mary Lincoln?

    1. ConnieZink

      Hi Hope, no so far I have not been able to find the Emma Clear Mary Lincoln mold. Connie

  4. Ann Harris

    I am desperate trying to find shoes for my Polly Pratt that I got from you. Do you sell them? I even asked Barbara at Dollspart but so far no luck. Tried at UFDC Convention – no luck either.
    By the way your photography is beautiful. My husband and son are serious photographers so I really appreciate your efforts.

  5. Jenni

    Lovely girls as always, Connie. I specially love your Rosette and Little Star.

  6. Carol Benson

    Love your new site!

  7. Mary Boger

    Love the tour! Lots of work went into your new site and it’s just
    great, congrats! I wish I had such an organized space
    specifically for dolls.

  8. sassysuzie

    Oh My Connie, I really luv your website. Beautiful and I’m trying to order some shoes. Thanks in advance for the special.
    Dolly Hugs,

  9. Judi parker

    New website is very easy to get around, great photos.. Congratulations

  10. Elaine Alva

    HI, I could not find your catalog of modern dolls. I am looking for Sunshine and Barnabe and his dog. My doll class wants to order about 5 or 6 sets. If you have then I need a price and shipping to Utah. I will get a definite amount needed after I get a price.

    Thank you, Elaine Alva

    1. ConnieZink

      Hi Elaine, I have npt been able to redo the modern catalog yet after the storage unit fire but yes I do have Barnaby, Sunshine and Dog. All of the Love Children are $25.00 each and includes the dog with Barnaby and the hat with Sunshine. Shipping would depend on how many you end up ordering but around $12.00 for shipping would get you quite a few sets packed together in one box. Please let me know if you would like to place an order and what color slip you would like them poured in flesh color or white. Thanks Connie