Schmitt et Fils

Schmitt et Fils produced dolls from 1863 to 1891 in Paris. Their dolls are of fine quality and are not plentiful. The round faces of these dolls have a charm all their own. The Schmitt body is distinctive. It can easily be distinguished from other French dolls by its flat bottom, which allows the doll to sit easily. The bottom is marked with crossed hammers in a shield. Other characteristics of the doll include long feet, large ball-joints in the shoulders, elbows, knees and hips, and a gauntlet-shaped forearm with no wrist joint. These dolls did not have cork pates, instead heavy cardboard, often painted flesh color. Dolls often wore sheepskin wigs.

Heads were either marked with the incised crossed hammers in a shield or Bte SGDG and a size number. Dolls with the marking Bte SGDG appear to be older. Eyebrows on the Bte SGDG are extremely narrow, like those of lady dolls. Dolls with the crossed hammers have wider brows, with softer, less-distinct hairlines. Blue or brown paperweights were used but they had less depth than other paperweight eyes. All of the faces appear to have been created by the sculptor.


Illustration 30

Illustration 30: Marked 8 Sch (crossed hammers in shield mark.)