Creating the Perfect Bru CD Workbook


If you have a difficult time making it to seminars, let the seminars come to your studio and guide you through the steps of pouring, eye-cutting, soft-fire greenware cleaning, and china painting your Bru. Connie will guide you with step by step photos through the entire process of creating a beautiful heirloom antique reproduction doll. The CD Workbook has been written for the 30″ CDW 201 Bru 14 and the 28″ VL 7 Bru 13. The CD Workbooks are step by step comprehensive photos and directions put on CD. They cover the complete process from eye-cutting thru soft-fire greenware cleaning, and all the china paint firings. The CD Workbook requires a pdf reader on your computer to open it. (This is not a video) You may study and paint from the clear concise photos on your computer or print off the workbook for a hard copy. Please realize the clearest photos will be on your computer.

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3 CD Set “Creating the Perfect Bru”, “Modern Eye Painting”, and “Painting a Tete Jumeau”
November 18th 2013 014
3 CD Workbook Set
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