News From Land of Oz Dolls!!!

Hi all, I need to clarify, some have misunderstood my post of a few hours ago. New York Doll Products is not closing Feb. 8th, 2015. That is when my distributorship ends and I will no longer be carrying their products. They will however be availible direct from the company. I am truly sorry for any misunderstandings. Thanks Connie Zink

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  1. Maggi

    Hi Connie
    I understood what you said. But shame on New York Doll Products for cutting out the people like you and I and others for keeping the doll world alive.
    Seeley’s did the same thing cutting the distributors and you see where that got them.

    These companies need to support us as well as we support them.
    Just had to say my two sense.

    1. ConnieZink

      Thanks Maggi, I just wanted to make sure no one misunderstood what I had said. Thank you! Connie

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