Today is the Day New Website Revealed!!! You can Win this “Cherie Limoge” by Connie Zink

Cherie Limoge

Well, today is the day I am introducing you to my new website If you read my two previous blog posts here on the website you will have a little bit better understanding as to why this website has came about. As a celebration of my new website I will be starting my “Summer Doll Giveaway” Promotion! This is not the first time I have given a doll away in the past year and it won’t be the last. I have been blessed with such joy, watching the winners of the dolls learn that they have won, and also have greatly appreciated the photos submitted from the lucky new mamans. I will share the winners of the last several promotions with you soon in an upcoming post. The rules are different for this “Summer Doll Giveaway Promotion” than what it has been from the previous “Giveaways”. This time I need to promote the establishment of this new website before I discontinue the use of my other websites. So the rules this time are pretty simple. There is a box on the right hand side of this page where you can subscribe to my posts by email. From this subscriber list, the winner of this beautiful “Cherie Limoge” Bleuette “Friend” will be chosen. You only need to enter your email address, hit the subscribe button, then you will be sent a confirmation email. Once confirmed, you are entered in the drawing. This is the only way you can enter the promotion this time. Everyone is only allowed the one entry. Now, let me introduce you to “Cherie Limoge” by Connie Zink. “Cherie Limoge” will go to the lucky winner at 10:00 PM Sunday night, September 8th 2013. She comes complete with wooden base doll stand, underwear, shoes and socks, and her one-piece navy blue and white striped dress and blue jacket (jacket included because the evenings will be cooler by then). She also has a lovely little patriotic basket included with her. Total value: $350.00.

12 comments on “Today is the Day New Website Revealed!!! You can Win this “Cherie Limoge” by Connie Zink

  1. Phyllis

    What I have seen of the new website is wonderful, so fresh and clean looking. The Cherie Limoge is gorgeous! Congrats on the new site. Phyllis L.

    1. Cri Watson

      Your dolls are just so nicely done. I would love to own one of them. Maybe I will be lucky this time.

  2. ConnieZink

    Thanks so much Phyllis! I have really enjoyed doing it. It has been a real challenge though, I never thought I could build my own website but with a little help from a friend on some technical stuff I have been able to do it myself. Lots of stuff to add, lots to do to it. Please check back periodically. Thanks Connie

  3. Katherine

    You did a great job, Connie! This site looks professional and is easy to navigate. So fun to see your photos!

    1. ConnieZink

      Thanks so much Katherine, I am glad you are enjoying it! More photos to put up soon! Thanks Conne

  4. Donna Sutton

    Love the new website and your beautiful Cherie Limog doll.

  5. Janet Panecki

    I really like the look of your new website – the pictures are clear and bright – and big enough to see all the details we so love!

  6. BonnieJean Peavy

    I like the new website. It so crisp and easy to scan, and find things. It’s nice that older pages are archived. You did a great job putting it together! It’s been worth waiting for.
    Best wishes!

  7. Sarah Jean Thompson

    I would so love to win this doll. You are a true artist and it is clear how much love goes into your girls.

  8. Sarah Jean Thompson

    Love your website, and your darling Cherie

    1. Linda Hess

      I love your new website, so fun to look a and easy to navigate, looking forward to seeing more of your dolls…
      Thanks so much. I would so much like to win your doll giveaway.

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