7th Day of Christmas! This is What’s on Sale!

It’s the 7th Day of Christmas and this is what’s on sale:

Today’s featured item is my “In-Depth Modern Doll Blue and Brown Eye China Paint Kit by Land of Oz Dolls! The kit includes eleven colors of dry china paints, all the colors needed to paint both blue and brown eyes. Included is the paints to completely finish painting a modern doll. 

19" April by Connie Zink

19″ “April” with Blue Eyes by Connie Zink

19" "April" with Blue Eyes by Connie Zink

19″ “April” with Blue Eyes by Connie Zink


China Paint Colors in the Kit: Darkest Blue, Blue-Grey, Pale Blue, Aqua Green, German Dark Brow, Innocent Pink, French Lip, Rose Sugar, Pupil Black, German Dark Hair, and Dark Coffee Bean. 

Regular Price is $74.00 on sale through December 20th for $65.00. To order please email me at landofozdolls@mchsi.com or phone 815-565-0024. 

Don’t forget the “April” Eye Painting CD Workbook is currently on sale for $35.00 through December 20th. I also have a Modern Doll Eye painting Brush Kit available. Painting these beautiful eyes is a challenge but oh so rewarding. I love watching them come together over multiple firings. 

Modern Eye Painting Brush Kit


Until tomorrow, have a great dolly day! 

Dolly Hugs, Connie Zink

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