After Valentine’s Day Sale Ends Tomorrow Afternoon!!!

Good evening all, I wanted to let you know about an “After Valentine’s Day Sale” I have running right now on eBay. I have six special offers currently on eBay. The auctions will end at various times tomorrow afternoon. If you are not an eBay user and see something you might be interested in contact me and if it doesn’t sell at auction, after the auction ends, I can arrange the sale for you off eBay. Here is what’s on sale:

29" Bru 14 Head on Ebay

29″ Bru 14 Head on Ebay

Here is a link to the auction:

Save $200.00 right now on this beautiful large Bru 14 head!

15" Bru 5 Frenchette

15″ Bru 5 Frenchette


Save $75.00 on this Dressed 15″ Bru 5 “Frenchette”.

Click here for more details:

15" A Steiner Frenchette

15″ A Steiner Frenchette

Save $75.00 on this Dressed 15″ Steiner “Frenchette”.

Click here for more info:

AT 11

21″ AT 11


Save $150.00 on this 21″ AT11.

For more details click here:

Mlle. Florence

20″ Mlle. Florence


Save $100.00 on 20″ Mlle. Florence.

Click here for complete details:

Sonneburg Bleuette "Friend"

Sonneburg Bleuette “Friend”

Save $20.00 on this Bleuette “Friend” Sonneburg Child as an Undressed Doll.

For complete details click here:

Auctions end tomorrow and the dolls will go back to their regular prices. If you are interested and use eBay please visit my eBay store. You can also email me if you are interested in purchasing: or  phone 815-565-0024.

Winter is almost over and I hope everyone is looking forward to Spring. I have some Spring Cleaning specials on some supplies I will be starting here shortly so please stop back by the website soon. Have a great weekend!

Dolly Hugs,

Connie Zink

New 15″ “Frenchettes” Will Be Listed For Sale

"C" Steiner, "A" Steiner, Bru Jne 5

“C” Steiner, “A” Steiner, Bru Jne 5

Good evening all, I will soon be listing all three of these 15″ “Frenchette” dolls here on the website on the “Dolls for Sale” page. “Frenchettes” are a series of 15″ dolls I created back in 2009. All dolls are on the same FB12S composition body and stand approximately 15″ tall. There clothes are all interchangeable with each other. The dolls may be purchased undressed or dressed. The undressed price for all “Frenchettes” is $345.00. The dressed price is $495.00. Shipping and insurance within the continental U.S. is $20.00. I do ship worldwide but international shipping will have to be figured by individual country. You may email me for a shipping quote. The “C” Steiner costume was made by Pam Willits. I made the costume on the “A” Steiner. The winter coat, dress and muff was created by Lorna Yates. Other dolls that have been presented in the “Frenchette” series since 2009 is the Bru 13, AT 11, Jullien, Circle Dot Bru, F.4G., and Schmitt & Fils, I have quite a few patterns available from Lorna’s Lovable Dolls that fit the “Frenchette” series. I will soon be setting up a page here on the website featuring all the “Frenchette” series and will have all the patterns available listed for sale also.

"A" Steiner

“A” Steiner

"C" Steiner

“C” Steiner

Bru Jne 5

Bru Jne 5

"C" Steiner, Bru Jne 5, "A" Steiner

“C” Steiner, Bru Jne 5, “A” Steiner

If you are interested in any of the “Frenchettes” and don’t want to wait until I have the listings and page completed, you may contact me at or call 815-565-0024. Have a great dolly evening!

Until next time, Dolly Hugs, Connie Zink