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Mixing Dry China Paints For Antique Reproduction Dolls

The Doll Artworks

Here is a partial list of The Doll Artworks SFGW that is available so far. I will be adding Paypal shopping cart buttons shortly for each doll but until then please feel free to contact me for prices, to order, or any questions you may have. Contact Connie at:




New 15″ “Frenchettes” Will Be Listed For Sale

"C" Steiner, "A" Steiner, Bru Jne 5

“C” Steiner, “A” Steiner, Bru Jne 5

Good evening all, I will soon be listing all three of these 15″ “Frenchette” dolls here on the website on the “Dolls for Sale” page. “Frenchettes” are a series of 15″ dolls I created back in 2009. All dolls are on the same FB12S composition body and stand approximately 15″ tall. There clothes are all interchangeable with each other. The dolls may be purchased undressed or dressed. The undressed price for all “Frenchettes” is $345.00. The dressed price is $495.00. Shipping and insurance within the continental U.S. is $20.00. I do ship worldwide but international shipping will have to be figured by individual country. You may email me for a shipping quote. The “C” Steiner costume was made by Pam Willits. I made the costume on the “A” Steiner. The winter coat, dress and muff was created by Lorna Yates. Other dolls that have been presented in the “Frenchette” series since 2009 is the Bru 13, AT 11, Jullien, Circle Dot Bru, F.4G., and Schmitt & Fils, I have quite a few patterns available from Lorna’s Lovable Dolls that fit the “Frenchette” series. I will soon be setting up a page here on the website featuring all the “Frenchette” series and will have all the patterns available listed for sale also.

"A" Steiner

“A” Steiner

"C" Steiner

“C” Steiner

Bru Jne 5

Bru Jne 5

"C" Steiner, Bru Jne 5, "A" Steiner

“C” Steiner, Bru Jne 5, “A” Steiner

If you are interested in any of the “Frenchettes” and don’t want to wait until I have the listings and page completed, you may contact me at or call 815-565-0024. Have a great dolly evening!

Until next time, Dolly Hugs, Connie Zink

Information on 28″ Bru 13 Doll and Costuming Seminar with Lorna Yates

Here is the information on the upcoming costuming seminar with Lorna Yates here at Land of Oz Dolls. The seminar is October 31st, November 1st, and 2nd. Deadline to register for seminar is October 15th. Dolls and costume kits may be ordered without taking the seminar for those of you too far away to make it to the seminar.

28' Bru 13 Costuming Seminar with Lorna Yates and Connie Zink

28′ Bru 13 Costuming Seminar with Lorna Yates and Connie Zink

Deadline to register to attend the seminar is October 15th. For those unable to attend we do ship worldwide.

Dolly Hugs, Connie Zink

New Costuming Seminar With Lorna Yates Coming to Land of Oz Dolls!

Land of Oz Dolls is very pleased to announce our next costuming seminar with Lorna Yates of Lorna’s Loveable Dolls here at Land of Oz Dolls on October 31st, Nov 1st, and 2nd. We will be making this costume to fit the 28″ Bru 13. Lorna will be providing the costume kits, I will be providing the finished doll ready to dress. Complete details and prices coming soon. You will have three wig color choices, the pale blonde, dark blonde, and light brown. Also you will be able to choose between light blue, dark blue, and brown eyes. For those of you unable to come to the seminar, dolls may be purchased along with Lorna’s costume kit at a special combination price and you can make the costume at home.. Complete details coming soon!!!! 

Bru 13 with Dark Blonde Wig

Bru 13 with Pale Blonde Wig

Bru 13 website 3

Bru 13 with Light Brown Wig

Bru 13 website 4

Costume Made by Connie Zink Using Lorna Yates Pattern

Bru 13 wesite 2

Bru 13 with Dark Blonde Wig

Dolly Hugs, Connie Zink

Taking Orders For “Googly Hand Mirror” Kits!!

"Googly Hand Mirror"

“Googly Hand Mirror”

In February 2012, I held a workshop here at Land Of Oz Dolls featuring a “Googly Hand Mirror”. Everyone had a great time assembling this whimsical “Googly Mirror”. I have had requests for two years now for kits of these cute little “Googlies”, but have just never had time to get them completed. On September 27th, I will be teaching this workshop at the Oklahoma City Expo 2014 Doll Show. I am getting together extra kits so I will have some available for purchase after I get back from the show. Here is a brief description of the kit:

Doll Lover’s will delight in this whimsical “Googly Mirror” Kit.  Kits come complete with a “Googly” head painted by Connie Zink.  Eyes have been set and the heads are ready for assembling.  Several kit colors and head styles are available.  All supplies to complete the mirror, (fabric, lace, trims, hand mirror, batting, and pate), as well as detailed instructions, are also included.  Mohair wigs are available for purchase, or you can use your own.

Supplies needed to complete kit (not included in kit): Hand sewing needle, ecru thread, large eyed needle, scissors, white tacky glue, toothpicks, bow maker, and mohair wig of your choice.

Cost of Kit: $90.00 U.S. Shipping $8.00 International Shipping is Available.

"Googly Mirror" Workshop 2012

“Googly Mirror” Workshop 2012

Finished "Googly Mirrors"

Finished “Googly Mirrors”

Finished "Googly Mirrors"

Finished “Googly Mirrors”

Finished "Googly Mirrors"

Finished “Googly Mirrors”

Finished "Googly Mirrors"

Finished “Googly Mirrors”

To order your “Googly Hand Mirror” Kit please contact me at 815-565-0024 or email . They will make great Christmas gifts for your “Dolly Friends” or insert one into your own Christmas stocking this year! Have a great Dolly Weekend!

Dolly Hugs, Connie Zink

“Fall” Open House Continues Tomorrow!

My “Fall” Open House continues through tomorrow until 5:00 pm. Here are a few of the visitors who stopped by today.

Open House September 5th 2014

Open House September 5th 2014

 I am the first one on the left, then Sue Sharp, Pam Willits, Jo Lovig , and Conni Lynch on the right. Pam and Sue make a lot of the costumes I show on my dolls. Conni and Jo were my first official guests at Roberts’ Roost Country Guest House. To learn more about Roberts’ Roost visit

It was great to see them all today!

If you are in the area please stop by tomorrow from 9:00 to 5:00!

Dolly Hugs, Connie Zink


“Fall”Open House at Land of Oz Dolls

Land of Oz Dolls

Land of Oz Dolls

Land of Oz Dolls will hold their annual “Fall” Open House on Friday, September 5th and Saturday, September 6th, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm each day. View the fabulous doll displays and take a stroll through the “Gardens of Oz”. Special discounts on selected items will apply and refreshments will be available. Discounts will also apply to mail order sales for people out of the area, who are unable to attend the two days of the Open House.

Special sales that will apply to both those attending the open house and mail orders are as follows:

10% off NYDP Composition Bodies In-Stock and Special Orders Placed During Open House

20% off all In-Stock Greenware and Soft-fired Greenware

40% off all In-Stock Synthetic Doll Wigs From Monique Trading

10% off all In-Stock Mohair and Human Hair Wigs (Bravot wigs not included)

20% off all In-Stock China Paints and Mediums

20% off all Metal and Wooden Base Doll Stands

20% off all In-Stock Doll Patterns

Other selected items too numerous to mention will also be on special for those attending!!

If you are planning on attending the open house that weekend and have some extra time, it will also coincide with weekend events at Picket Fence in Lanark and Prairie Path Sampler in Mt. Carroll. You won’t want to miss these two great shops. If you want to spend the night in the area to enjoy some of the other attractions, please contact me on the availability of a room at Roberts’ Roost Country Guest House. Currently Thursday night is booked but Friday and Saturday is open for rental. Please call me at 815-565-0024 for details or to learn more about Roberts’ Roost Country Guest House visit

I hope to see you September 5th or 6th! Dolly Hugs, Connie Zink