The Doll Artworks

Here is a partial list of The Doll Artworks SFGW that is available so far. I will be adding Paypal shopping cart buttons shortly for each doll but until then please feel free to contact me for prices, to order, or any questions you may have. Contact Connie at:




10 comments on “The Doll Artworks

  1. Roberta Bybee

    I would like to be able to purchase a pair of legs for the 31in Christine and a pair of legs for June. Could you please sent me the prices on these.

    1. ConnieZink

      Hi Roberta, Legs for both Christina and June would be $25.00 each set. I am assuming you are asking about soft-fired greenware? Depending on where you are shipping would be $10.00 to $15.00. Please email me if you are interested in purchasing and I can arrange payment through Paypal. Email me at Thanks Connie Zink

      1. Roberta Bybee

        Hi Connie it’s a pleasure to meet you.I would like to have the bisque in the legs because I do not have a kiln nor know anyone who knows how to fire porcelain. My doll teacher has passed away and so did her doll shop. I can pay for these after the 3rd of July and i also understand that it will cost more for the bisque. Please let me know the cost. I live in Missouri by Branson so please figure in the shipping as well. thank you so very much. Bobbi

  2. Roberta Bybee

    I am ready to order and pay for the items I need. I would like to have them in bisque. I need a set of legs for the 31in Christina and a set of legs for the 28in June. My address is 46 pink dogwood trail, Kimberling City, MO 65686. please notify me with the exact cost and how I should pay it. Thank you so very much for your patience and time. lots of dolly hugs. Bobbi

  3. Barbara Scott

    Hi Connie ..Looking to order a bisque head for a Simon Halbig # 1079.( mold # not known) large..possibly 30″ plus Our customer found her doll broken and wants to remake here at our studio.Customer is sending broken pieces soon..please let me know if you have this, Thank you Connie.
    so enjoy your beautiful posting on facebook!!

    1. ConnieZink

      Hi Barbara, just noticed your message. I will email you. I will have to look to see if I have a mold for a S & H 1079. Sorry it took so long to notice your message. Connie

  4. Nikki

    Hi I’m a reborn doll artist looking for a baby doll mold to attempt a silicone pour. Are these dolls appropriate for this thank you

    1. ConnieZink

      Hi Nikki, I am not selling the molds, I am selling soft fire greenware and blank bisque. I do not know anything about reborns. Can the silicone be poured in a plaster mold or is it a rubber mold. The molds that these dolls are poured from is plaster. Sorry I couldn’t be of much help. Connie

  5. Ann Eargle

    Hi Connie, I am interested in purchasing a Tashie bisque head and blue eyes. Can you please provide the cost? The mailing would be to Johnson City, TN. Thank you. Ann.

    1. ConnieZink

      Hi Ann, are you asking about a blank bisque head or painted head? You can contact me at 815-565-0024 or email me at Thanks, Connie Zink

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