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Land of Oz Dolls has been a distributor for Monique Trading for many, many years. I would like to now offer all of you the entire selection of Monique Doll Supplies at special pricing. Discounts will be available on the entire catalog of items based on the amount of your order. Orders Must Be Placed Through Land of Oz Dolls In Order To Receive Discounts.

Discounts available are listed below:

$0.00 to $49.00 = 10% off Retail Prices

$50.00 to $99.00 = 20% off Retail Prices

$100.00 to $299.00 = 30% off Retail Prices

Over $300.00 = 35% off Retail Prices.

Special pricing on specific items are also available on other pages here on my website. Shopping cart buttons will not be available on this catalog and price list so you must email your order to or phone your order in to 815-565-0024 in order to place your order. Thanks and Happy Shopping! Connie Zink