3rd Day – “Twelve Days of Christmas Sales” 2018

German Paint Collection

It’s the 3rd Day of Christmas and this is what’s on sale! Today’s feature is my German Collection China Paint Set. Our line of china paints are produced to give reliable results each and every time. These china paints contain lead which allows for consistent firings and excellent fluidity. Our paints blend easily and fade less than unleaded china paints during firing. All of our china paints should be fired to cone 018. When doing many multiple firings I do fire to 019 and then evaluate on the last firing if I need to fire one last time to 018. 
The German Collection can be used for all types of German dolls including “Mein Liebling”, “Hilda”, and many of the “Heubach” children. The collection consists of German Wash, German Eyelash, German Light Hair, German Dark Hair, German Light Brow, German Dark Brow, German Lip, and German Lip Shading and Cheeks. 
Regular Price on the German Collection Paint Set is $54.00. From today until December 20th, it is on special for $40.00 for the set of 8 colors. I have multiple sets available so this offer is not limited to one. 

German Collection Paint Set
Sample of Colors of the German Collection Paint Set

Please email me at landofozdolls@mchsi.com to place your order. Please do not order from the China Paint page on this website as it will not give you the sale price. Until tomorrow, have a great dolly day! 

Dolly Hugs, Connie Zink

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