Porcelain Slip (Bell)

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Gold Marque Porcelain Slip

Discover the Porcelain Slip Revolutionizing the Industry.

Ease of Casting – Gold Marque Slip is designed for trouble-free, high volume casting. It produces virtually no cracking, even in the most detailed and troublesome molds.

Ease of Cleaning – Greenware cast from Gold Marque Porcelain Slip is very easy to clean using the wet or dry methods. The problem of reoccurring seamlines is virtually eliminated.

Clean Bisque – We run Gold Marque Slip through a high-tech filtering system to make it the cleanest, speck-free porcelain in the industry.

Greenware & Fired Strength – Gold Marque Porcelain Slip is formulated to provide greenware and bisque fired strength superior to competitive brands.

Bisque Finish – Gold Marque Slip not only has the best casting qualities, but its bisque finish meets the standard set by Bell’s White Orchid Porcelain, giving you the best bisque finish on the market. It has a velvety finish that perfectly complements the smooth application of Bell’s Dry, Premixed, or Lead Free China Paints.


White Orchid Porcelain Slip

Porcelain Slip