Bru Soft Fire Greenware Cleaning

Applying The Wash To A Tete Jumeau

Soft Fired Greenware Cleaning Tete Jumeau

Painting Lips on a Tete Jumeau

Applying Shadow Brows On a Tete Jumeau

CD Doll-Making Workbooks

Land of Oz Dolls To Participate In “All River Road Talent” Art Drive February 6th and 7th, 2016

Land of Oz Dolls will be participating in the “All River Road Talent” Art Drive Saturday, February 6th and Sunday, February 7th. Hours will be 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Saturday and 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM on Sunday. If you are in the area please stop by and see the beautiful doll room displays of antique reproduction and modern dolls that are for sale. I have a collection of modern artist dolls that I am selling for a friend who has moved into a smaller place and does not have room for them anymore so some great bargains are available. Mail orders will also be available for dolls and supplies.

Happy Valentines Day Bru 13 by Connie Zink

Happy Valentines Day Bru 13 by Connie Zink

I have been busy working on some new dolls for the Art Drive. Here I am preparing a large Bru head for its bisque firing in the kiln.

Preparing the Heads for Bisque Firing

Preparing the Heads for Bisque Firing

I have also begun the china painting process on some heads.

First China Paintings On Some Heads

“Photography by Connie Zink” will also be open for the February “All River Road Talent” Art Drive. Many of my award winning photos of the Savanna-Sabula Bridge, nature photos and “Old Barn” landscape prints, both framed and unframed will be available for purchase. Drop by and check out the selection for Valentine’s Day gifts.

Savanna Sabula Bridge Photos Open House 1website

Here is a list of participating artists in the February “All River Road Talent” Art Drive:

February Participants in the All River Road Talent Art Drive "ARRT"

February Participants in the All River Road Talent Art Drive “ARRT”

The Doll Artworks

Here is a partial list of The Doll Artworks SFGW that is available so far. I will be adding Paypal shopping cart buttons shortly for each doll but until then please feel free to contact me for prices, to order, or any questions you may have. Contact Connie at:




Modern Doll SFGW Catalog

Welcome to my new Modern Doll Soft-fired Greenware Catalog. This will be a very long process adding all of the modern doll molds to this catalog, I have hundreds of molds for modern dolls. I am sure many of you know back in May of 2012, we lost our 33 year doll mold collection to a storage unit fire. I have been able to replace many of the molds I originally had, but that has left my old catalog useless as many of the molds are not the same, so I am having to start from scratch with the catalog. Soft-fired greenware are the greenware pieces taken from the mold and fired to cone 019, to make for easier cleaning and safer shipping. All SFGW dolls still need to be cleaned, fired to a true cone 6, painted and assembled. ¬†I am beginning with The Doll Artworks molds and will work on other companies as time allows. If you see any dolls you would like to order or have questions about the availibility of other dolls, please feel free to contact me. I will be adding Paypal buttons eventually for all dolls, but until then, you may contact me with your order, and I can send you a Paypal invoice. I do ship world-wide, and all dolls are packed securely with bubble wrap and packing peanuts in sturdy boxes with the utmost of care. Dolls are also available in blank bisque, ready for china painting. Just ask for blank bisque prices on particular dolls if you are interested. Please check our “Doll-making Videos and Workbooks” page for complete instructions on SFGW cleaning.

The Doll Artworks

Virtual Tour – Christmas in the Doll Room at Land of Oz Dolls!

Welcome everyone, to my new virtual tour of the Land of Oz Dolls doll display room. Everyday is Christmas at Land of Oz Dolls! For those of you too far away to visit during our Christmas Open House on November 14th and 15th, during the second weekend of the Great Route 64/84 Shop Hop, we put together this virtual tour so you would n’t have to miss seeing a thing. ( I will not be open the first weekend of the Shop Hop due to the Des Moines, Ia. and Davenport, Ia. doll shows.) Sit down, relax, have a cup of tea, and enjoy the tour! Dolly Hugs, Connie Zink